Our Mission

Make driving smarter and safer.

We're on a mission to transform the learner driver and instructor experience to make learning to drive smarter, safer and students more successful.

What we believe

We believe that learning to drive is one of the biggest milestones in every young persons life. We also believe that better education creates safer roads and can cut learners costs, thats why helping Instructors is at the heart of our business, as it's the instructors that take on this responsibility.

We exist to enable instructors to focus on what's important, teaching! Not worrying about business affairs, diary management and boring complex things like SEO and marketing...

Instructors Start Here

Re-inventing learning to drive

Technology is at the heart or our business. With Learnr, we make it easier for learners to find the right instructors and book lessons as well as track their progress in one place. Our search and reviews system ensures you find the right instructor for you and our app keeps you up to-date on your progress. we're bringing learners and instructors closer together to make learning more efficient and save you money!

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