Consider this when naming your driving school of business

When naming your driving school branding needs to be at the heart of your decision. Strong branding is key for any type of business, as without it customers may struggle to remember what you do and the services you offer. We’ve put together some guidance which will help you decide on a name that will help your business to stand out against the competition.

Try and make your driving school business name personal

Naming your driving school business after yourself or a family name can be a nice personal touch, especially if you’re already well known in the local area or have previously owned another business. This may not be an option if your name is popular, as you will struggle to find an Instagram handle or domain if it’s something everyone else has. You could try using a nickname or alternative name, but make sure that it’s inoffensive and understandable for everyone.

Will it be memorable?

Coming up with clever names is never easy, but in many cases, the simpler the better. Think about how other people are going to talk about you, the easier it is to memorise the more chance it is that you'll be referred.

Try a professional business name for your driving school

It’s good to write a list of your unique selling points or specific skills as a starting point for coming up with the perfect business name. Honing in on what you can bring to the learning experience will help you to form a brand and a name for yourself. Do you offer something different to other instructors? What about those skills can you make into a name that works in your favour.

Try making it fun

As much as we hate to admit it, everyone wheely wheely enjoys a pun. Injecting a bit of humour into your business and using a pun as a name can be a winning formula for your business. Interesting and comical names tend to stand out and thus are popular in the world of driving schools. Plus, they often make passing drivers smile. So if all else fails, try and come up with something witty and playful that represents you as an instructor.

Think about the local competition

It’s pretty bad when someone gets your business name confused with the garage down the road, or even worse another driving instructor school. As some instructors cover large areas it’s worth checking out the local competition before deciding on a name.

Think digital

Most people begin their search for a great driving instructor online through Learnr, so you need to find a name that is available online too. Allow time to research this before you finalise your business name. Start with searching for the name on a search engine, does anything come up? If no then check that there’s an Instagram handle, a Facebook account and a domain name that you can also take ownership of. Be wary of very short and popular words, as the shorter the domain name – the more it will cost you.

Remember that your business name should reflect you in some way, so if you have a very fun upbeat approach to teaching students then your name should be about this. Ask people who know you best for some suggestions. Don’t worry the right name for your business is out there!

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